Workshop: World Heritage, Sustainable Development and Civil Society

Please find below the link to the website and a short description of the workshop.  

In 2015, UNESCO ensured that the conservation and management of World Heritage properties became aligned with broader sustainable development objectives by introducing a policy on sustainable development into the World Heritage Convention. Despite numerous meetings and published reports on how to operationalize this policy, there has been little to no interaction with civil society, which lies at the heart of any successful sustainable development project.

This workshop aims to identify models and inclusive approaches which can help to implement this UNESCO policy, as well as finding innovative ways of involving civil society in the processes.

The workshop will be organised around thematic sessions on World Heritage and the pillars of Sustainable Development: Environmental Sustainability, Inclusive Social Development, Inclusive Economic Development and the Fostering of Peace and Security.

This workshop is open to activists, members of civil society, academics and professionals with expertise in sustainable development or cultural and natural heritage, or people with expertise and interests in social, economic or environmental issues.

Interested participants: Please send a CV and a 100 word statement outlining why you would like to participate in this workshop to: The deadline for submission of the statement and CV is 6 December 2017.

Date of the workshop: 29 March 2018

The workshop will take place at the University of Kent campus in Brussels

Frase Negra