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In compliance with Law 19/2014 on transparency, access to public information and good governance, in the "Transparency" section of this website you will find all the information on the ICRPC to make the principle of transparency and the obligations in matter of active publicity derived from this Law.

The Catalan Institute for Research in Cultural Heritage, domiciled in Plaça de la Catedral 8, CP 17004 in Girona, with NIF no. G-17924978, registered in the Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with no. 2377, is a public law entity, created by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the University of Girona, with its own independent legal personality, which acts as a foundation and enjoys autonomy in its organization and full capacity for the exercise of its purposes. The ICRPC is an integral part of the public sector of the Generalitat de Catalunya with which it interacts through the Department of Research and Universities.

The Institute develops its work based on collaboration and synergies with universities and research institutions in Catalonia that work in the same field, with the aim of becoming an international scientific reference in this field. As a research center, it has established lines and research programs and is staffed by research staff.

The ICRPC is considered a research center in Catalonia recognized as a CERCA center, in accordance with RESOLUTION EMC / 971/2020, of 5 May, on the recognition of various research centers in Catalonia as CERCA centers (DOGC no. 8133 - 14.5.2020), being applicable the legal regime for this type of centers set out in Chapter IV of Title II of Law 7/2011, of 27 July, on fiscal and financial measures, and the other regulations of the Generalitat de Catalunya applicable to CERCA centers

Among its objectives and purposes, based on research in the field of cultural heritage, the Institute's mission is to promote and deploy actions of basic research, transfer and socialization of knowledge, accompanied by training actions on cultural heritage. to provide society, and in a special way Catalan society, with elements of analysis on its historical and cultural heritage and on its current and future social relations.

The Institute also aims, among other things, to develop applied research by carrying out programs, projects, planning, reports, diagnoses and various proposals for actions in the field of cultural heritage, and to set up a consultancy center in the field of heritage. cultural for public administrations

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