Research and Outreach
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    The OPPCC has conducted studies on the knowledge that the museums of Catalonia have their audiences.

    He also researched models count frequenting museums internationally, as well as quality certificates in the field of heritage.

  • Patrimoni Material


    Studies made by the OPPCC dispoció in pdf format.

    Links with other institutes and international agencies dedicated to public heritage and public culture.

  • Patrimoni Material


    The OPPCC offers training courses aimed at staff in house museum.

    The training focuses on the design, production, processing and analysis methods to understand the public museums and other heritage facilities.


One of the functions of museums is to link heritage society. The exhibitions and activities organized by museums and heritage are the primary goal of providing experiences that respond to the needs of cultural, educational, social, recreational of increasingly complex societies.


The OPPCC intends to support museums providing tools and knowledge to help improve the relationship between museums and their audiences. Thus the heritage resources, as organizations need to respond to the following questions: How many people visit the facility from where ?, how ?, what ?, have been aware motivates them to visit ?, what use make whole range ?, valued the experience as lived ?, what are their needs and interests ?, etc.


Museums and other heritage facilities require information systems that furnish knowledge about their visitors and users. The OPPCC aims to support museums in this task, taking into account the training needs of their staff team, as well as technological advances.

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Our mission

The mission of the Public Observatory of Cultural Heritage of Catalonia is to contribute to the excellence of museums and heritage in their relations with the public, users and stakeholders in order to promote the development of social use of cultural heritage, both in quantity and quality.

Our mission

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