The Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (ICRPC-CERCA)

The Institut Català de Recerca en el Patrimoni Cultural (ICRPC-CERCA) -Catalan Institute for Research in Cultural Heritage (ICRPC-CERCA-) was created in 2006 by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the University of Girona.

Currently, from September 28, 2022, the direction of the center falls to Dra. Gemma Domènech. Since 2013, the ICRPC has been directed by Professor Dr. Joaquim Nadal and with the technical direction of Dr. John Bosch. In the initial phase (2007-2013), the center had the direction of Dr. Gabriel Alcalde and the technical direction of Dr. Josep Burch, period in which the first lines of research were deployed.

The Institute’s objective

To be a leading centre in the field of cultural heritage research, through scientific work based on criteria of excellence, openness and the interrelation of the Institute with other reseach groups in the area of cultural heritage and other scientific fields.



Our mission

"The ICRPC supports and implements actions related to basic research, transfer, education and socialisation of knowledge in cultural heritage, with the aim of providing society with tools for analysing the heritage received and its present and future social relations. It brings together researchers in different disciplines, both employed directly by it and on contract from different universities to address topics that connect heritage with social challenges, focusing on three basic lines: the study of heritagisation processes, the analysis of the social uses of heritage in contemporary society, and the processes and mechanisms for safeguarding and destroying cultural heritage from the past to the present. Position itself as a reference centre in the field of research in cultural heritage and contribute key tools for decision-making in public policies concerning heritage."

ICRPC Strategic Plan 2022-25. Girona, ICRPC, February 2022

L'ICRPC és membre de l'OPEI (Observatori del Patrimoni Etnològic i Immaterial)

L'ICRPC és nou membre de l'OPEI (Observatori del Patrimoni Etnològic i Immaterial). Entre les seves línies de recerca i projectes  es troba el patrimoni etnològic. 


EL 26 d'abril es va dur a terme la primera reunió del nou Observatori de Patrimoni Etnològic i Immaterial (OPEI) al Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica. Comptarà amb onze entitats més. L'ampliació permetrà cobrir un espectre més ampli de territoris i de temàtiques de l'àmbit etnològic.

L'ICRPC és membre de l'OPEI (Observatori del Patrimoni Etnològic i Immaterial)

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