Fragile Heritages

Fragile Heritages

Gemma Domènech Casadevall (ICRPC)

General description

Today, the concept of fuzzy margins there remain a good asset architectural typologies, in which the cultural heritage of Catalonia Act of 1993 recognizes its value, but in practice they continue to ignore in the catalogs of heritage. Our goal is to produce a list of these elements, studying the current situation and analyze the reasons (historical, ideological and aesthetic) that have left at the threshold of what is largely considered heritage.



To produce a register of both conserved and lost elements.

To study the current uses and future prospects of conserved elements.

To compare the situation regarding the conservation and protection of this type of heritage in Catalonia with that of other European countries.


Methodology and work plan

Screening of the Heritage Inventory of the Government of Catalonia and from respective municipal catalogues.

Fieldwork to determine the current status and future prospects of each element studied.

Compilation of bibliographical data on the protection of this heritage on a European scale.


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