Joaquina Bobes González

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in History, with a specialization in Prehistory and Archeology, from the University of Oviedo, a master’s degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona, and an Executive MBA from Eada Business School.

He carried out postgraduate studies in the School of History, Classics and Archeology at Newcastle University (United Kingdom) in academic year 1988-1989, and in the Department of Culture, Policy and Management at City University London in academic year 1995-1996. In 1996, he went on a placement at English Heritage, an agency that is responsible for cultural heritage,and reports to the British Government’s Department for Culture in London.

Between 1983 and 1995, he participated in the following archeological research projects: Nalón Mitjà Integrated Research Projectin Asturias (University of Oviedo); Arbeia Roman Fort at South Shields (Newcastle University); Research and Archeological Prospection Study in the Middle Basin of the River Tisza, Hungary (Newcastle University and the University of Budapest); Research Project on the Serralada Mountain Range, Els Muricecs, Lleida (University of Barcelona); Archeological Research Project on theVall del Montsant, Tarragona (University of Barcelona).

He is a founding member of ARTImetria, a consultancy. Since 1998, he has been manager and senior consultant at the company. As a consultant, he has coordinated and undertaken many projects related to museums and heritage.

Since 2009, he has been adjunct lecturer for the master’s degree in Cultural Management at the International University of Catalonia. Since 2011, he has also been adjunct lecturer for the Department of Marketing, Operations and Supply at Eada Business School.



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