Xavier Isern i Abadia

Administrative manager of the ICRPC. Graduate in Law (Nebrija). Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Political and Administrative Sciences (University of Barcelona), a diploma in Management and Public Administration (International University of Catalonia), a university master’s degree in Administrative Management (Abat Oliba CEU University), and a PhD in Business Administration and Management (UPC-Euncet). Administrative manager and mediator. He has been the manager of various institutions and foundations, including the Ignasi Villalonga Institute for Economics and Business (IIVEE). He has founded and promoted a range of associations including the SCCiEP, of which the was the first secretary, of the local newspaper Fet a Sant Feliu. He has worked for and advised various city and town councils. He has been a researcher for the Pi i Sunyer Foundation and has taught at the University of Perpignan and the Abat Oliba CEU University.

Frase Negra