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Joaquim Soler Subils

Archaeologist specialized in the catalan prehistory and the western Sahara. His trajectory as a researcher began with a scholarship previous to the doctorate from the Generality to the University of Girona, followed by a scholarship after the doctorate from the Ministery of Education and Cience to the University of Túbinga (Baden-Wüttemberg) and he affirmed a contract after the doctorate in Girona inside the program Beatriu de Pinós. When this era ended he had work in public administration, following his research activities in the frame of the projects from the University of Girona and from 2023 he's being working as a researcher of the High School Catalonian of Research and Cultural Heritage.


He directs the archaeological interventions of the cave on Arbreda in Serinyà and he drives the studies of the recovered materials in the past of the caves in Reclau Viver and Mollet III. This set of heritage assets allow to comprehend the cultural and natural evolution in the Occidental Mediterranium during the last 140.000 years. Inside this scope it's necessary to underline his participation in the identification of the most older individuals of our species and at the same time the first examples of funeral behavior in Catalonia. 


Also he has experience in the diffusion and the patrimonialitzation of the cultural assets in the scope of the archeology and the prehistory. He's author of the museological project and he participates in the team that remodel the speech and the museographic presentation of the Park in the Prehistoric Caves of Serinyà. 


He's doctoral theses (rated excellent cum laude and deserving of the Extraodinary Prize of Doctorate form the University in Girona - 2005) was dedicated to the study of cave painting of the Zemmur (Occidental Sahara). Inside this scope of the saharian prehistory he worked in the documentation and study of the rich and fragile prehistoric cave art heritatge of this country at the same time he participated in differents archeological interventions all of them included in the line of cientific cooperation of the UdG with the refugee population in the Occidental Sahara. 


He has participaded in the remodeling of the speech and the museorography. 


Academic production:


ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4962-4394

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